Philips Penlight Compact Lamp


The Philips Penlight Compact Lamp is the perfect tool for quick inspection work, combining high-quality LEDs and user-friendliness in a small form factor.  As the international market leader in car lighting, we have years of experience and know-how in light. Philips LED inspection lamps are equipped with high-quality LEDs. Our LEDs combine strong light performance with natural colour rendering for fatigue-free work.

The focus light will enable you to see what remains hidden for others; thanks to its ultra-slim design, the lamp can be manoeuvred into very small cavities and the strong LED source will illuminate all.  Philips professional workshop lamps feature powerful LEDs for an intense white light and a bright wide beam to defeat the darkness. Designed to optimise clarity and vision, the 6000 K white light also improves visual comfort for fatigue-free working.

  • Portable inspection tool
  • High Quality LED x 5
  • 85 lm + 20 lm pointer
  • Up to 8 h Autonomy
  • Powered with 3 AAA batteries




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