Philips Pen20

Philips Pen20


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The Philips PEN20 features powerful LUXEON® LEDs for an intense white light to help you defeat darkness. The wide beam evenly spreads bright light over a large work area, so you can see every little detail.

With a colour temperature of 6000K, our LUXEON® LEDs produce a natural white light that reduces eye strain, allowing you to work more comfortably for longer. Like the Penlight Premium, the Philips PEN20 is a small yet powerful inspection lamp. It is fitted with high-quality LUXEON® LEDs, and you get up to 200 lumens of bright light to illuminate your work. So you can always spot the smallest of details. And if you need a softer light, or wish to preserve the battery, simply switch to the 100-lumen eco mode.

With the 80° swivel hook and strong magnet, you can place your Philips PEN20 inspection lamp on any surface. So when you need both hands for the job, you can still easily light up the area in front of you.

  • Swivel hook & magnet for handsfree use
  • 6000k light
  • Up to 200 lumens
  • Eco mode for extended battery life


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