Auto Finesse One Step Compound 500ml

Auto Finesse

We’re all about innovation here at Auto Finesse and with that innovation, we try and make everything as practical as possible. That’s where our new One-Step compound comes in. One-Step does exactly what it says on the tin, or bottle in this case. It’s one step to a flawless paint finish. Developed for use with a dual-action (DA) polisher, the product starts out as a heavy cut compound, removing imperfections such as deep scratches and swirl marks, and refines down to a finishing polish when used on a medium foam pad. It’s fast and effective. Perfect for those last-minute show details. 

  • 500ml
  • Developed for use with a DA polisher
  • Removes scratches and swirls
  • No need for refining


Always shake the product well to ensure all elements are well mixed before use. Using a medium foam pad apply a few pea-sized drops at a time to the pad and work into the paintwork. Be sure to focus on an area of around 18inch x 18inch at a time. Once you’ve completed one panel, give the area a quick final buff with a clean microfibre cloth. When all panels have been treated, stand back and admire the impressive gloss finish from what will be a small sacrifice of time.  For best results top with a wax or synthetic sealant of your choice.



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