Auto Finesse Soul Carnauba Wax 150g

Auto Finesse Soul Carnauba Wax 150g

Auto Finesse

The Auto Finesse Soul carnauba car wax's highly-reflective visual dynamics and glass-like finish makes it especially well-suited to light, bright colours. Even the palest hues burst into life with a natural glossy glow.

Soul contains 33% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up by all natural Beeswax, Candelilla wax, and oils, protecting against nature's elements, giving it water repellency, and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.).

With its sweet mango scent, Soul is capable of providing up to 3-months of durable protection on a daily driver.

  • 150g
  • Contains 33% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Resistant to UV fading, acid rain and bird droppings
  • Up to 3 months protection


Before getting your wax on, the vehicle must be clean. A clay bar can be used to remove any bonded contamination such as tar. If paintwork hasn't seen a polish in the last 6-12 month, it's wise to prep the surface with a pre-wax cleanser. Turn a foam applicator half a turn in the wax tub, this should be enough to coat a complete panel. Apply sparingly in small even strokes.

Once one panel is complete, move onto the next. Buff off the first panel when you've completely coated the second panel. If wax has dried, or secondary hazing of the wax occurs (A phenomenon which can sometimes happen in hot or humid climates, especially if the product was over-applied.), you can use a water-based quick detailer to help ease removal of the residue.

It's important to wait at least 3 hours in between coats or layers of wax.

Do not wax the vehicle if temperature is below 6 degrees Celsius, or above 35 degrees Celsius. Waxing in direct sunlight, or conditions of high humidity can lead to over, or under-curing of the product before removal.



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