Canbus H4 Led Canbus Adaptor 18960C2

Philips Canbus H4 Led Canbus Adaptor 18960C2


Some car models have specific challenges for LED-based retrofit lamps. Unique Philips CANbus adaptors ensure smooth functioning for any electrical issues. They solve possible issues in regards to error messages on your dashboard, LED flickering, as well as high beam indicator issues.

Find the right bulbs for your car with the Car light selector tool, a simple three-step guide from Philips.

  • LED-CANbus H4 3-in-1
  • Anti- flickering
  • Removes dashboard error
  • High beam indicator supported
  • Easy to install
  • Not road legal - off-road applications only

The new Philips LED Headlight CANbus Adapter range prevents any potential side-effects from fitting retrofit Philips LED headlights.

Not sure which LED you need? Find the right LED for the right function and the right vehicle with this Philips LED Guide featuring Installation videos, FAQs, and user manuals.



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