Liqui Moly 2-Stroke Motor Oil, self-mixing 250ml

Liqui Moly 2-Stroke Motor Oil, self-mixing 250ml


High quality semi-synthetic 2-cycle motor oil for use in all 2-cycle engines. Secures the functional performance of the engine and ensures maximum service life. Self-mixing. Selected mineral and synthetic base oils combined with advanced additive technology facilitates residue-free combustion and keeps the engine clean. The engine is ideally protected from wear.

Find the right oil for your car with this Liqui Moly Oil Guide.

  • 250ml
  • Self Mixing
  • For used in all 2-Cycle engines
  • Advanced additive technology


For separate lubrication and gasoil lubrication in motorcycles, motor bicycles, lawnmowers, power saws and emergency power units.

Mixing ratio up to 1:50.



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