Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste 50ml

Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste 50ml


Partly synthetic, white high-temperature paste. Prevents seizing, cold welding, rust freezing and stick-slip. Metal-free. Very good wear and corrosion protection. Universal use. Resistant to hot and cold water as well as to acids and alkalis.  Application range 40°C to + 1400°C.

  • 50ml
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Resistant to Acids and Alkalis
  • Prevents seizing, rust freezing and cold welding


For lubrication of all kinds of high-load sliding surfaces. Especially for low speeds and oscillating movements. Separation of components subject to heat stress. Corrosion protection at bolts, pins, studs, flanges, spindles and fittings.



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