Liqui Moly Diesel Flow Fit 150ml

Liqui Moly Diesel Flow Fit 150ml


Improves the flow and filtering properties of the diesel fuel.  Keeps diesel flowing at temperatures down to -31°C (depending on the diesel fuel grade). Ensures the operational reliability of all diesel-operated engines at low temperatures.

  • 150ml
  • Improves diesel flow at sub-zero temperatures
  • DPF and Turbcharger safe
  • Treats up to 75L of fuel


For all diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filter especially suited for dealing with problems. Tested for compatibility with turbochargers. Ideal effect only through addition to the fuel tank before the diesel has gelled (at 0°C). Completely compatible with all conventional diesel fuels and fuel oil with organic content of max. 20%. Contents sufficient to treat up to 75 litres of fuel. Note: Frost sensitive; therefore store above 0°C!



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