Liqui Moly Diesel Flow-Fit K 1000ml

Liqui Moly Diesel Flow-Fit K 1L


This product controls the growth of paraffin crystals caused by the cold. It significantly improves the filtration properties and setting point of diesel fuel in cold weather. The effectiveness of the flow improver is dependent on the type of paraffin and the paraffin content of the medium distillates. Depending on diesel quality the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) can be improved by up to -10°C.

  • Improves filter properties
  • Good response behaviour secures winter operation which would otherwise be affected by the cold
  • Self mixing
  • Suitable for all diesel fuels (summer and winter diesel grades)
  • Simple to use

Used for all grades of diesel fuel and heating oil to secure winter operation which would otherwise be affected by the cold. For use in passenger and commercial motor vehicle diesel engines as well as buses, construction machinery and stationary diesel engines.  For optimum effect in preventing paraffin separation, it is necessary to add the flow improver approx. 5°C above the cloud point (turbidity point).  Clusters of paraffin crystals which have already formed in the tank cannot be broken up by adding Diesel Flow Fit K afterwards.  Note: Thoroughly shake the can before use.  If possible, store protected against frost.  In event of being affected by frost, allow to warm to room temperature and shake the can thoroughly before use.  Vehicle tanks: To improve mixing with the fuel or heating oil Diesel, add Diesel Flow Fit K before filling the tank. 

Stationary tank plants:  The following methods of mixing have been proved to be effective:

  1. Add Diesel Flow Fit K when the tank is approx. ¼full. Topping up the tank will provide sufficient mixing.
  2. During subsequent additions to the tank, mix using a stirrer.  


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