Liqui Moly Diesel Smoke Stop 150ml

Liqui Moly Diesel Smoke Stop 150ml


Accelerates soot burn-off and reduces exhaust smoke. Reduces emissions and odour nuisance. Completely effective right after adding. Cleans the diesel injection system and makes the engine run smooth. Optimises the emission test values.

  • 150ml
  • Suitable for vehicles with DPFs and Turbochargers
  • Add directly to fuel tank
  • Treats up to 50L of fuel


For all diesel engines both with and without diesel particulate filters especially suitable for preventative use. Turbocharger tested. For adding directly to the fuel tank. Optimal effect by adding every time you fill up. Perfectly compatible with all conventional diesel and bio-diesel fuels. Can contents are sufficient for up to 50L fuel.



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