Liqui Moly Motor Protect 500ml

Liqui Moly Motor Protect 500ml


Full synthetic motor oil additive. It significantly reduces wear. High-pressure wear protection additives create a very thin layer on the engine friction points that is moldable and low-friction under wear conditions. Its effectiveness lasts for at least 50,000 km. That produces these benefits:  Significant wear reduction

  • 500ml
  • Extended engine service life
  • Fuel and emissions reduction through smooth-run effect
  • Optimal engine power, quiet running.


The additive is added to the new oil AFTER an oil change. 500 ml sufficient for up to 5 l motor oil. Adding to low-friction full-synthetic low-viscosity oils reduces wear further by approx. 35%. With long-term effectiveness for 50,000 km (comply with oil change intervals from vehicle manufacturer).



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