Mdls Cri Matchline 3Mod LPL403MODX1

Philips Mdls Cri Matchline 3Mod LPL403MODX1


3-module multi-directional LED lamp for paint shop

Perfect for quick colour checks and larger paint jobs, the Philips MatchLine MDLS CRI is an all-in-one LED work light. Powerful white light from 3 separate modules gives 360° control of light for true colour matching and a superior finish.

  • New advanced battery
  • Beam angle: 60° degree
  • Light output: 1500 lumen
  • Impact protection rating (IK): IK07

When you have to stare at a reflective surface under a strong light for too long, your eyes can easily become tired and irritated. The Philips MatchLine MDLS comes equipped with a matt filter that protects your eyes by reducing glare and mirror-like reflections. So you can work more comfortably for longer.



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