Pen20 LPL42X1

Philips Pen20 LPL42X1


Powerful rechargeable LED light fits in your pocket

Small but powerful, the PEN20 provides bright white light for all quick inspection jobs. Fitted with a superior battery and all the essential features of the popular Penlight Premium lamp, the PEN20 offers excellent value for money

  • 5 x longer battery lifetime
  • Work with hands-free lighting
  • Work hands-free with built-in 80° swivel hook and magnet
  • Beam angle: 80° degree
  • Light output: 200 lumen
  • Impact protection rating (IK): IK07

Perfect for lighting up a large work area, the Philips PEN20 produces a wide beam angle of 90°. So when performing quick inspection jobs, you can easily see everything you need to.



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