Philips EcoPro40 LED Workshop Lamp


Whether you're in your garage, completing some DIY or trying to fix an appliance, it's always handy to have a small lamp around. Philips EcoPro40 delivers a main powerful light beam of 300 lumen (3 W) to help you to see the details you need to get the task completed.

Once fully charged, your Philips EcoPro40 delivers bright white light from its main beam for up to 3 hours. If you use the spotlight, the battery will last up to 8 hours of continuous use. So with occasional use, the lamp can last days before requiring a recharge.

  • Powerful light (300 lumen / 3 W) to complete everyday tasks
  • 3 magnets for convenient hands-free lighting
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours per charge
  • Spotlight (100 lumen / 1 W) to light up narrow areas
  • Two retractable hooks for convenient hands-free lighting
  • Robust housing and shock resistant


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