Philips EcoPro50 LED Workshop Lamp


Whether you need to light up a work site, temporarily replace a wall lamp or illuminate outdoor activities, the Philips EcoPro50 is perfect for lighting up large dark areas. Delivering 1000 lumen (10 W), its consistently bright light gives off a super wide beam. If you need less light and more battery life, you can switch to a 500 lumen (5 W) eco mode.

Once fully charged, your Philips EcoPro50 delivers bright white light (1000 lumen / 10 W) for up to 3 hours. If you need longer battery life, simply switch to eco mode (500 lumen / 5 W) and enjoy 6 hours of continuous light.

  • Powerful white light (1000 lumen / 10 W) lights up large area
  • Water resistant against splashes
  • Recharge other devices with a useful USB port
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours per charge
  • Shock resistance proven in drop tests
  • Rotating handle lets you position light for hands-free use
  • Magnetic mounting accessory for hands-free lighting
  • Indicator shows you how long the battery will last


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