Philips Rch19 Led Lamp

Philips Rch19 Led Lamp


The Philips RCH21S provides a wide beam angle of 90°, lighting up your entire work area. This beam of white light provides just the right amount of light, in just the right places, so you can see every detail as you work. Equipped with high quality LEDs, the Philips RCH21S offers a useful dual power mode. Boost mode gives you a powerful 300 lumens of light output, helping you spot even the smallest of details. And if you're using the lamp for a long time, you can select eco mode to preserve battery life. At a reduced 120 lumens of output you'll still achieve a high quality bright light for up to 6 hours. Conforming to international impact resistance standard IK07, the Philips RCH19 is designed to withstand the toughest work environments. The handy grip reduces the chance of you dropping it, but the robust housing protects the lamp should you do so. Because we know even the most careful workers accidentally drop their tools from time to time.

  • Wide beam angle of 90°
  • 300 Lumens in boost mode
  • 6 hours work time in eco mode
  • Handy grip


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