Philips Rch31Uv Led Lamp 350Lm

Philips Rch31Uv Led Lamp 350Lm


The Philips RCH31 UV is equipped with high quality LEDs, providing 350 lm of light output in Boost mode, and 150 lm in Eco mode, allowing you to spot even the smallest details in any dark place. Not only does this LED inspection lamp have a very strong main beam, it is also equipped with a UV leak detector. This will help you to easily spot leaks in air-conditioning systems without requiring any additional tools. Simply add leak detection fluid to the A/C system and any leak will show up. The RCH31 UV features advanced battery technology. It lasts 5 x longer than traditional rechargeable batteries, offering 1500 charging cycles instead of the standard 300. This battery will last the lifetime of your LED inspection lamp!

  • Dual 350 & 150 lm modes
  • Long life battery with 1500 charging cycles
  • Equipped with UV leak detector


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