Rch10 Led Handlamp 150 LPL20X1

Rch10 Led Handlamp 150 LPL20X1


  • £29.95

Cordless slim professional lighting tool

The compact, rechargeable Philips LED inspection lamp is ideal for quick inspections and longer repair operations. RCH10 eliminates all shadows with its 120° light beam, while a 360° rotating hook and a strong magnet allows hands-free work.

  • Protected against water and dust
  • High autonomy
  • Up to 5 hours use during the day
  • Beam angle: 120 degree
  • Light output: 150 lumen
  • Impact protection rating (IK): IK07

Philips professional workshop lamps feature powerful LEDs for an intense white light and a bright wide beam to defeat the darkness. Designed to optimise clarity and vision, the 6000 K white light also improves visual comfort for fatigue-free working.



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